IRF5 Knockdown: Integrated and Interactive RNA-seq Analysis Report
It provides the QC metrics and expression tables, including overall read mapping statistics, QC report for each sample, interactive gene expression visualization and analytical tools to gain insights about the data. Please click for interactive plots.
Parallel Plot of QC
Click on the image above to access the interactive plot. Raw Data
Raw Data Files
sample.annotation.txtsample annotation file
star-mapping-summary.txtread mapping summary for STAR run
fc-counting-summary.txtread counting summary for featureCounts run
RSeQC-read-distribution.txtThe distribution of mapped reads along gene elements
Gene-count-table.txtcounting table
Gene-count-table.flt.txtfiltered counting table. A gene is filtered if having 0 read in more than 50% samples
Gene-fpkm-table.txtRPKM table, calculated from Gene-count-table.txt
Gene-fpkm-table.flt.txtfiltered RPKM table, calculated from Gene-count-table.flt.txt
RNASeq-expr-QC.txtcorrelation based QC of expression profile
RNASeq-expr-corr.txtAll-against-all gene expression correlation matrix
RNASeq-snp-corr.txtAll-against-all SNP correlation matrix
RNASeq-merged-metrics.txtMerged RNA-seq metrics from mapping, counting, distribution and QC
read_map_sum.10x7.pngplot of star-mapping-summary.txt. Intended for powerpoint presentation.
read_map_sum.pngplot of star-mapping-summary.txt. Intended for interactive HTML presentation.
read_count_sum.10x7.pngplot of fc-counting-summary.txt. Intended for powerpoint presentation.
read_count_sum.pngplot of fc-counting-summary.txt. Intended for interactive HTML presentation.
read_dist_sum.10x7.pngplot of RSeQC-read-distribution.txt. Intended for powerpoint presentation.
read_dist_sum.pngplot of RSeQC-read-distribution.txt. Intended for interactive HTML presentation.
expr_count_RPKM.10x7.pngplot the number of genes with a give RPKM cutoff. Intended for powerpoint presentation.
expr_count_RPKM.pngplot the number of genes with a give RPKM cutoff. Intended for interactive HTML presentation.
RNASeq-expr-corr.txt.corr.9x7.pngcorrelation plot for RNASeq-expr-corr.txt.Intended for powerpoint presentation.
RNASeq-expr-corr.txt.corr.pngcorrelation plot for RNASeq-expr-corr.txt.Intended for interactive HTML presentation.
RNASeq-snp-corr.txt.corr.9x7.pngcorrelation plot for RNASeq-snp-corr.txt.Intended for powerpoint presentation.
RNASeq-snp-corr.txt.corr.pngcorrelation plot for RNASeq-snp-corr.txt